Jack has been a consistent Republican voter since he turned eighteen. He became involved supporting candidates during college and then routinely since 2009. The best way to impact our political system is to be involved. The key to success is getting like-minded people to vote.

The Republican party is the political party that best reflects my values and positions on issues.

Jack has served with the Republican party in the following ways:

  • Past Chairman of the Sullivan County Republican Party
  • Past Chairman of the Sullivan County Young Republicans
  • Associate memberships (past or current):
    • Bristol Tennessee Republican Women
    • Greater Kingsport Republican Women
    • Sullivan County Republican Women
    • Sullivan County Young Republicans

Why Republican

I am Republican because they stand for the following:

  • Traditional family values
  • Limited Government
  • Great Opportunity for All


I serve our community and the Republican cause for my children. We can lay a better foundation for our children.

Children and grandchildren should not be burdened with government debt.